This Month in Real Estate July 2014

July 2014 Calendar

This Month in Real Estate July 2014 has been released.

Home sales activity rose to a pace of 4.89 million, up from the 4.66 million we saw last month in This Month in Real Estate June 2014.

The median home price also jumped up from $201,000 last month up to $213,000! Last year at this time, the average was $203,000, so it is up from then as well!

The average interest rate rose just a bit to 4.17% from 4.14% last month.

Please note that the numbers above are national, across the board numbers. Our local numbers can vary widely — neighborhoods and streets can change those numbers very quickly!

Please contact me for more information about selling a house in Towson and around Baltimore real estate. I would love to be of assistance!

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