Seminary Ave at Railroad Closure in Lutherville

West Seminary Ave Road Closure

Seminary Avenue at Railroad Ave in Lutherville will be closed at least May 3-7, 2013.

West Seminary Avenue is a main throughway from York Rd to Falls Rd. Historic Lutherville is right nearby, as well as a number of other Lutherville communities.

Detours, I would imagine, would take you up to Timonium Rd, for the straightest line between the two points. That is a very highly traveled road, so be prepared and give yourself extra travel time if you are going through the area.

The road construction is to replace the pad that cars drive over to cross the light rail tracks, and hopefully create a smoother ride when crossing.

If the weather does not cooperate, the road could be closed for work May 10-14.

Be careful & note the closures when traveling through Lutherville!

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