Towson 21204 home sales in July 2013 were down slightly from the same point in 2012, as well as from the up month we saw in June.

The total of Towson homes sold in July was $5,853,400, down 4.05% from the $6,100,500 that sold last June. This is a bit disappointing, as 21204 home sales June 2013 showed a higher volume of $11,244,500 sold.

Eighteen homes sold in July, which is two more than July 2012. The average sales price for homes that settled last month was $325,189, which is down 14.71% from the $381,281 seen last year at this time. Last month showed some of the smaller houses selling and none of the large Ruxton homes changing hands, so this could be why we are seeing the reduction in average sales price.

Twenty-two Towson homes came on the market in July, and 14 homes in 21204 received acceptable contracts.

Here is more information and a more detailed report for 21204 home sales July 2013.

This report is a very basic overview of home sales in the 21204 zip code. The Towson 21204 zip code has a wide variety of house types and neighborhoods, and depending on which types of homes sold, the average sales price can jump or drop significantly.

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