As I showed condos today in the Stevenson area of Baltimore County, I was reminded of a few more issues that the snow/ice build up is causing to homes in the Baltimore area.

As the weather warms some, and the snow melts, but then nights get cold and it freezes back up, large icicles can cause lots of harm inside and out due to the ice build up in the gutters.

I briefly mentioned this in my post last week about the Ramifications of the Snowpocalypse on homes. A week later, these issues are even more prevalent and some even a bit more dangerous.

The icicles are forming long & large with extremely pointed ends. One fell to the ground as we were looking at the front of the building, and we felt very lucky that we were not underneath it. It was like a dagger.

The roof line had large icicles that were dropping water — which was forming on the sills of even a second floor unit. The weight of the ice was bowing the window sill. In this case, this would be the condominium association’s responsibility if the window leaked or the sill fell, but in a home where the exterior maintenance is your responsibility, this could be a big issue.

We all are wishing for the warmer weather to come and this snow to melt. We do, though, need it to melt slowly to prevent flooding and more major damage to our homes.