Baltimore was named a top ten coolest city to visit by Forbes!

The article discusses Under Armour’s campus, as well as the Sagamore Pendry, also owned by Kevin Plank, the awesome art scene, including Amy Sherald, who painted Michelle Obama’s portrait for the National Portrait Gallery. Amy Sherald is also on the board of the BMA (Baltimore Museum of Art.)

Baltimore has so much to offer visitors, but it also has a great amount to offer those wanting to live in Baltimore!

The food scene in Baltimore is amazing. We have world renowned chefs who own multiple restaurants, and many other local chefs who have neat, unique, and terrific restaurant offerings.

There are many different types of houses and a large number of different neighborhoods to live in.

The surrounding counties offer so much as well.

Visiting Baltimore is a great experience, but to live in Baltimore is one too!

If you are considering moving to Baltimore, please contact me. I would love to help!