Millennials want to own homes.

Seventy-two percent of Millennials surveyed prioritize buying a home over marriage and having children.

The reasons given in the CNBC survey were that those surveyed would like to have stability or feel they are established if they own a home.

The only priority over homeownership is planning for retirement.

Those two could potentially go hand-in-hand.

What many first time homebuyers may not understand is how buying a home works. Meeting with a local real estate agent and lender is an important step in understanding the steps and possibilities of homeownership.

There are a myriad of loan programs out there, and most of them do not require perfect credit or a 20% downpayment. There are quite a few loans out there where your downpayment can be 5% of the sales price or less – depending on qualification – and there could potentially be downpayment assistance programs available too.

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