September is National Preparedness Month.

The government has created an area to create a preparedness plan for your family at

There are many resources on the site, including lists and downloads that you can fill out with your specific plans in case of disasters.

What should you be prepared for?

As the government website says, you may not be with your family when/if disaster strikes, so you have to be prepared for a situation like that.

You should plan how you would contact each other, and reconnect if separated, and establish a family meeting place that’s familiar to each member of the family and easy to find or get to.

For your plan, you need to note how you get emergency alerts. You should figure out your shelter plan and evacuation route, and tailor your plans based on the specific needs of your family, including pets.

The site is a great resource – visit the site and be prepared!

Thank you to the site for the information and graphics.