A new Safeway is going in on York Road in Towson in the Old CompUSA and Linens N Things building right by the on-ramp to 695 East.

Scheduled to open later this year, this will be the only grocery store besides Superfresh in Dulaney Plaza in the Downtown Towson area. *UPDATE! On August 17, 2010, the new Towson Safeway opened. My office is getting a lot of calls since their # isn’t posted online yet — I went today and got their # for my readers’ convenience. The Towson Safeway phone # is 410-296-2267. Thank you!*

The space is just under 60,000 square feet according to the Costar Group.

This is exciting news for Towson residents who have not had much in the way of choices for groceries in the Towson center. In Ruxton there is Graul’s and further east in Towson Place there is a Superfresh.

The new Towson Safeway will be in the Radcliffe Shopping Center, which currently hosts a CVS, Wachovia, & M&T Bank.

The new Safeway Supermarket in Towson is scheduled to open in Fall 2010.

A great additional reason to live in Towson!