The Sunnybrook Community in Jacksonville has been issued a drinking water advisory by Baltimore County for the week of February 11-15, 2013.

Baltimore County has issued the advisory because they are having contractors out to evaluate the community’s water treatment plant. This advisory only affects the 108 houses served by the Sunnybrook Water System.

Per the Baltimore County Government website:

“During structural repairs to the system’s storage tanks, and while the tanks are off-line, water pressure may drop which could increase the risk of contaminants. To avoid any risk, engineers from the Department of Public Works advise Sunnybrook residents to boil water that may be used for drinking, cooking, making ice or brushing teeth for five days beginning Monday, February 11.”

Much of the Jacksonville and Phoenix community is served by well water, many individually. The Sunnybrook Comunity is fed from shared wells, and is maintained by Baltimore County. The water treatment system was built in 1967.

So if you live in Sunnybrook in Phoenix, make sure to boil your water before consumption or use bottled water until the 15th. Be safe!