Maryland good funds

Wiring Funds for Settlement

February 8th, 2012

Due to the economy and fraudulent transactions, many title companies here in Maryland are requiring buyers to wire their funds for settlement, instead of bringing a cashier's check, which used to be the norm. Apparently there are fake cashier's checks circulating, which puts the title company in very bad position. A title company relies on [...]

Why Wire Funds in Baltimore Real Estate Transactions

May 19th, 2011

Why should you have funds wired in your real estate transaction? Alison Noger, title representative and branch manager from North American Title Company in Towson shares why in this guest post. Thank you, Alison! -------------------------------------------- WHY WIRED FUNDS MAKE SENSE? “Good funds” is primarily a title and escrow term.  “Good funds” requirements are the minimum [...]

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