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Mortgage Applications Up As Interest Rates Rise

January 26th, 2018

Mortgage applications are up both from last week and last year at this same time. There were 4.5% more mortgage applications submitted last week than the week before, and 6.1% higher than the same time last year. This is the highest level of new purchase mortgage applications since April 2010. CNBC has a great article [...]

Should I Wait for House Prices to Drop?

April 3rd, 2011

A question that many buyers have been asking is whether they should buy a house now, or wait until prices drop. Guest blogger, George Kennedy, of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, offers some thoughts in his post. Should I wait for prices to drop? The question should not be whether or not house prices will fall, [...]

This Month in Real Estate August 2010

August 4th, 2010

This Month in Real Estate August 2010 has been released. As I mentioned in my July 15 post, "Mortgage Rates at Lowest Point in Five Decades," mortgage interest rates have dropped to their lowest level in the past 50 years. On July 29th, that number was 4.54%! Freddie Mac's current average interest rate is at [...]

Mortgage Rates at Lowest Point in Five Decades

July 15th, 2010

Mortgage rates are at the lowest point they have been in five decades. The national average is 4.57% for a 30 year fixed conventional loan. MSNBC reports that: Rates have fallen over the past two months. Investors, concerned with the European debt crisis, have poured money into the safety of Treasury bonds. Treasury yields have [...]

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