Zillow is in an agreement to buy Trulia.

Zillow is paying $3.5 Billion dollars to buy Trulia.

As of right now, both brands will continue to exist, both websites, and their respective apps will remain in working order.

The move will reduce costs to both brands, but will both continue to sell advertising to agents. There may be some combined marketing sales packages to agents. The majority of the income that both Zillow and Trulia make is by selling marketing slots to agents.

I guess I feel this would be a better buyout for the public and agents if the companies merged into one website or marketing platform. It appears to me that there will be two websites and apps with the same information, and I am not sure about the value.

Here is more information from the press release from Zillow.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out as the sale continues. It is scheduled to close in 2015.