1200 Riverside Avenue history is interesting and unique in Federal Hill in Downtown Baltimore.

1200 Riverside used to house a bar, a deed showing the name as “Riverside Tavern.”

The very open floorplan & side entrance, plus the large kitchen and many windows help you to envision what may have been there.

Neighbors have shared stories of their parents/uncles/friends sitting at “their” seats at the bar, how each had their own stools. They called it “Sis & Chris’s.” I haven’t been able to find any details on a bar of that name, but it could have been a part of the Riverside Tavern, or before the records we have been able to discover.

1200 Riverside Ave Living Room1200 Riverside Ave Family Room and Dining RoomA Baltimore Sun blog from 2008 indicates that Riverside Tavern was located at one point at 801 E. Fort Ave. 1200 Riverside was sold as a personal residence as of 1997.

The new owner of 1200 Riverside can enjoy the beautiful, 18-foot wide home, with the skylights, overlooks, curved stairwell, and over 2,769 sq ft, while knowing their home is steeped in deep Baltimore history.

Here is a slideshow of photos of the neat home!

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