Baltimore Named 7th Coziest City

Federal Hill Light at Riverside

Baltimore was named 7th coziest city, according to a list put together by Honeywell Heaters.

Honeywell partnered with an environmental consulting group called¬†Environmental Health & Engineering to determine a city’s “coziness.”

According to an article at the Huffington Post, the partners reviewed data about overall proximity to restaurants and coffee shops, ease to get to public parks, whether lifestyle scores were high when it comes to stress levels, and finally, the historical “ambiance” of the city. They also apparently took into consideration the usage of both fireplaces and portable heaters, which is what Honeywell Heaters sells.

This correlates with the list by Walk Score that named Baltimore the 10th Walkable City in November, which showed that there are many amenities very close by in many neighborhoods of Baltimore.

Just another great reason to live in Baltimore! Contact me today to be cozy and live in Baltimore!


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