10 Tips to get your home ready for photos comes from a post from the National Association of Realtors(R).

That post was specific to “staging” your home for photos by Justin Riordan of Spade and Archer Design Agency. See his article here.

Justin has some great points. He is coming from the point of view of design. Here they are, with my take on them, from the point of view of myself as a real estate agent.

Design for the Camera. You may actually end up setting up the home for photos and then changing it for showings. You can even use your phone to take some shots to see how it looks on camera. I often move things around in a room for a photo and move it back later for showings.

Get Those Wrinkles Out of Your Comforters. I wouldn’t put this up at #2, but I understand his thoughts on this. Wrinkles in sheets, or a pillow out of place really do show up in photos, where in person, they don’t. Breaking out that iron for your comforter cover just before the photo shoot is helpful.

Know Your Lighting. I often ask my sellers when the light pours in to the house in different rooms. I sometimes do multiple photos shoots if the house is very sun-filled. If there is too much light pouring in the windows, the room will look dark, when when the photo is lightened after, the outside won’t show through.

Fluff Your Carpets. Yes, literally. He recommends using a broom over the top of the carpet in random directions to give the carpet a look of depth. Interesting idea.

Look Outside The Window. When a room has great windows, and if the lighting is right (see #3,) hopefully we will be able to see out of the windows. If there is debris, a tarp, or something outside of those windows that isn’t appealing, then it will detract from the photo. Remove those items. (Again, go around your home with your phone and take photos — this time concentrate on what you see outside, and what bothers you — and move those things.)

Go Neutral. Justin recommends to “limit the color scheme,” but often, neutral comes across very well in both photos and in person, because a buyer wants to see the house as it could be in THEIR personality, as THEIR home. Strong colors could make it hard for a buyer to see the home as theirs.

Use Symmetry. Make the space more pleasing. He also recommends repetition and rhythm. An example of repetition is flowers — think of a field of flowers — many of us love the Sunflower Fields on Jarrettsville Pike. Think of that! An example of rhythm would be ripples in the sand.

Look from the Most Likely Angle. Where are people most likely going to view from? That’s where you should design the space to look the best!

Hire a Professional. There are some wonderful Baltimore Stagers with whom I have worked and can recommend. They can stage your home to look the most appealing to a homebuyer!

Put The Toilet Seat Down. ALWAYS.

He has two more, so more than 10, but know that I am always looking for the best light, the best angle, the best your home can look.

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