My compilation of the 21204 real estate market statistics for the last six months are here!  The full chart includes data on sales, contract, and active homes from May 25-November 8, 2009.

MarketDynamics21204 May252009thruNov82009















What this shows is that the lower priced Towson homes are the ones that are selling best. The first week in June the median sales price was over $1M, but since then, it has been generally under $500,000.  West Towson house values are continuing to be strong, while the higher priced areas of the 21204 real estate market, such as Ruxton home sales, are not as solid.

Another interesting spike is the “under contract price” for the second and third weeks in August, but even more notable is the lack of corresponding “settled price” spikes, suggesting those homes did not go for their asking prices.

Consistently, there have been over 80 homes for sale in 21204, while on average only 2-3 of those homes are going under contract each month, and only 2-3 are settling each month.  There is definitely a large inventory for Towson homebuyers, with an average of only 3.75% of listed homes going under contract each month.

These 21204 home sale statistics show that pricing correctly, having the home in showplace condition, and good marketing are imperative in this Towson housing market.

Please note that these are statistics from the multiple list. The chart is an overview of the zip code and does not take into account the type (condo, townhouse, single family) or condition of the home. To have a true value understanding of your Towson home or neighborhood, these factors need to be taken into consideration. If you would like a Towson home price evaluation, please contact me today.