5 Ringleaf Court has a very large attic space over the garage.

With some modifications, you could potentially finish and expand that space to create another bedroom upstairs!

An entrance could be possibly made at the end of the hallway between the second and third bedrooms to enter the garage attic space, once the space had a dormer and some height added.

Second Floor Hallway

5 Ringleaf Court Second Floor Hallway

Currently, you can look at the attic space by entering through the garage. There is a pull down ladder to climb up. A light switch on the garage wall slides to the right to be able to see the attic.

And look at this space!

Attic above garage

Attic above garage










Below is an idea from the outside as to how the home could possibly look with a room over the garage. You could potentially add one large dormer and extend the height of the roof and ceiling to expand the space and create the room! Please note that the home below most likely did not have a room added after it was built, and the layout of the house below is most likely much different than 5 Ringleaf Court. The photo below is just to give you an idea of what you could possibly do to 5 Ringleaf Court if you wanted to live in Hunt Valley Station, but wanted more space than the home currently has to offer!

Hunt Valley Station Bedroom over Garage

Hunt Valley Station Bedroom over Garage









It would most likely not be very difficult for a licensed contractor to add a fourth bedroom upstairs at 5 Ringleaf Court, provided permits were obtained, and architectural changes approved!

5 Ringleaf Court currently has three bedrooms upstairs, and a possible fourth bedroom in the lower level, along with a full bath.

5 Ringleaf Court on the market for $519,000.