Baltimore Beer Week is October 19-28, 2012 in and around the Baltimore area. This is the Fourth Annual event!

What is Baltimore Beer Week? Well, according to their website,

Baltimore Beer Week is a collaborative effort of businesses and beer enthusiasts in our community to highlight awareness and quality of all things beer in the Chesapeake region. Focusing on beer culture, culinary aspects, fun events and even beer history, we seek to increase people’s awareness of craft beer in the Baltimore region.

So, essentially, it is a celebration of all things beer — especially those locally owned and brewed!

There are events at many locations in and around Baltimore — 395 of them, according to their site. From tastings, to food specials, beer & food pairings, there are plenty of events to enjoy the week.

Kickoff may be this Friday, but the big event is Saturday at the Oktobearfest at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

Baltimore has many fun events, and this one, geared to the adult population, is a more recent addition.

Enjoy some local brews responsibly, and support our local bars, restaurants, and breweries!