The Baltimore Bike Master Plan was revealed in a meeting February 3, 2015, and it is very comprehensive in terms of trying to make Baltimore City a very bike-friendly city.

Baltimore City has a full time “bike and pedestrian coordinator” who presented the plan. What is in Baltimore City’s Bike Master Plan? (Here is a link to the draft document from Baltimore City.)

– Add 180 miles of new bike lanes and trails by 2028.

– A protected bike track along Maryland Avenue from 29th Street to Pratt Avenue, to be completed by the end of 2015.

– A protected two-way bike track on Mount Royal Avenue and $7 million in street/landscaping improvements.

– “Bike Boulevards” in West Baltimore, apparently meaning roads that put an emphasis on “bike safety.” These roads would include Hollins, West Lexington, West Baltimore, Carrollton, and North Smallwood Streets.

– Bus and Bike Lane improvements on both Pratt and Lombard Streets.

– Additional Bike Parking and Racks.

– Bike Access to the Inner Harbor Waterfront Promenade.

– Implementation of the “Charm City Bikeshare” program by 2016.

Thank you to Baltimore Magazine for their article and breakdown of the details of the Baltimore Bike Master Plan.

What do you think about a better Baltimore for Biking?