Baltimore City will be picking up Christmas trees beginning Tuesday, January 3, 2012, and ending January 31, 2012.

Unlike the Department of Public Works for Baltimore County tree pickup, the Baltimore City Department of Public Works asks residents to put their trees out where their trash is normally collected, and will remove them on the days when their trash is regularly picked up.

All trees must be empty of ornaments, lights, and tinsel, and must not be in bags.

The Baltimore City Department of Public Works also offers the ability to bring your tree in to have it mulched. If you take your tree in and bring bags or other containers, you can take that mulch for your own personal use! This year the Reedbird Avenue Citizen Drop-off Center, 701 Reedbird Avenue, will provide this service from 9am-2pm Monday through Saturday.

If you had a real tree for your holiday celebration in Baltimore City, you have some time to still enjoy it, or you can put it out for collection as soon as Tuesday.

Happy New Year!