Baltimore City Christmas Tree Pickup 2013 will be happening all January!

Baltimore City residents should put their trees out on their regularly scheduled trash day, and the city will remove them. Please note, it may not be taken on the first trash day that your tree is out. The city may pick them up anytime during the month. There are more details through the Baltimore City Department of Public Works press release.

It is very important that all decorations, including lights and all tinsel be removed. The city will not take them if they have anything left on them.

If you’d like your tree to be mulched, and you would like some for yourself, you can bring your tree to the Reedbird Avenue Citizen Convenience Center located at 701 Reedbird Avenue any Friday & Saturday in January from 9-2pm.

For questions, concerns or problems, please call the Baltimore City Department of Public Works. Their press release says to dial “311”.

This information is just for Baltimore City Christmas Tree Pickup.

Here is the information on Baltimore County Christmas Tree Pickup 2013 — Baltimore County residents need to put their trees out January 14-19, 2013.