Baltimore County property tax reassessments for 2014 have come out, and a lot of people between Towson and Owings Mills are affected.

The State of Maryland’s Department of Assessments and Taxation reassesses properties every three years.

The property tax reassessment, just to note, does not show what your home could sell for in the real estate market. It is just the value at which the State of Maryland will tax your home & property.

In these cases, that would mean that if you think it is low — that could be seen as a good thing for you, when it comes to the taxes you will pay.

If you feel the property tax assessment is much higher than what your house is worth, you may want to consider filing an appeal — and you only have 45 days from notification of assessment to do so. (For example, the one I have says an appeal must be filed or postmarked by 2/10/14.)

Here is a link to the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation’s page about how to appeal your reassessment. (Here is an updated link on the appeals process, including reassessment notices sent out 12/28/2015.) 

Here is a copy of the letter that went out 12/27/13 from the Maryland Department of Taxation to the Maryland properties that were reassessed.

Here is an example of the 12/27/13 Property Tax Assessment notice, as well as how to appeal your assessment.

Please note, these reassessments are not just Baltimore County. They may have been elsewhere as well. Every three years, Maryland reassesses homes!