Every year, one third of Baltimore County Real Estate is reassessed for property tax purposes.

Baltimore County has split the reassessments into areas. Each area is reassessed every three years. For January 1, 2021, Area 3 has been reassessed.

Should you be in Area 3 and want to appeal your property tax reassessment, you have 45 days from the Date of Notice to appeal.

Here is the map from the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation website:












Here is a link from the Maryland Government to explain how to appeal your Maryland Property Tax Assessment:


Here is a “Homeowner’s Guide to Property Taxes and Assessments” from the Maryland Government Website.

If you feel your tax assessment you received recently if you are in Area 3 is incorrect, make sure to appeal quickly! You only have 45 days from the notice date. Click the links above for more information, and on the website linked is contact information if you need more details.