Baltimore County Savings Bank (BCSB) is selling four of its branches to Rockville-based American Bank, per the Baltimore Business Journal on January 12, 2010.

Two branches being sold are in Baltimore County — Owings Mills & Catonsville, one in Baltimore City in Hamilton (including the building and property where it is located), and one in Howard County, in Ellicott City.

Baltimore County Savings Bank will still have 14 branches in Baltimore and Harford Counties after this sale goes through.

American Bank’s deposit amount will go up by about $81 million with this sale.

Baltimore County Savings Bank addresses the sale in their news section of their website, in this press release. BCSB states that this will help the community bank focus on the Northeast Corridor of Baltimore and Harford Counties, where most of their branches are located.

This does not affect any loans with Baltimore County Savings Bank.

I am curious to see how this helps Baltimore County Savings Bank in its commitment to Baltimore County and being a local bank. They feel it is better to consoidate and focus more on the Northeast section of Baltimore County, where their main office and most branches are located, and I hope this helps them to continue be a stable local entity.