Baltimore County water and sewer rates are scheduled to go up July 1, 2016 and again July 1, 2017.

According to the Baltimore County Department of Public Works, the rate increases are needed to cover the projected $54 million cost to repair and replace the aging infrastructure. They are planning to replace water pipes, re-line sewer pipes, and update treatment plants as part of this work, according to a report by WBAL TV 11.

Reports WBALTV:

“Every family of four will see an increase of around $130 a year total, and that’s for fiscal year 2017, which begins July of this year. Next year, there will be about an 8 percent increase and a family of four will see about a $100 a year increase,” Baltimore County Department of Public Works spokesman Steve Walsh said.

They are essentially estimating that families of four will pay an extra $230 per year by the end of 2017.

Make sure to budget these higher water and sewer rates into your monthly costs when considering buying a home in Baltimore County.