The Baltimore Day of Love is a day devoted to love as part of the Baltimore Love Project.

The Baltimore Love Project tries to spread love instead of violence, by painting the LOVE logo on 20 walls across Baltimore City.

It began with artist Michael Owen, who says in an interview with the Baltimore Sun,

“It’s about inspiring people to action,” the 27-year-old MICA graduate says of his artsy, would-be social movement. “In a day, it might make one person think. Maybe they’ll pick up flowers when they weren’t planning on it. Maybe they’ll be kinder in speaking to their partner. It’s little things like that that I’m trying to do.”

He wants to paint love in the shadows of violent neighborhoods, on desolate concrete culverts, in the neighborhoods with the renovated row homes and in the poor ones, where true art is hard to find.

There have been great responses to the LOVE logo, and the message of hope that Michael, and Scott Burkholder, who is running the project hope to achieve.

They have a facebook page to follow their progress, with 1,878 “liking” the page.

The Baltimore Day of Love is to help fund the next mural to be painted on North Avenue. It needs a total of $5,000 to be raised by May 25, 2011 to fund. As of right now, they have raised $1,110. Click here for the details and how to donate — even $1 helps!

That day, we plan to bring together all of Baltimore in a single Day of Love with activities going on throughout the entire day. While some of these acts include handing out flowers around the Inner Harbor, holding a social network challenge and hosting a happy hour, the focal point of the day, though, will be completing one of our murals.

The Baltimore Day of Love is June 5, 2011. Join in with many Baltimore residents and friends who will come out to enjoy, share, and spread the LOVE around and be a part of something special!