Baltimore was named #6 in the American Institute for Economic Research’s rankings of metro area colleges out of a pool of 222 areas of 15,000 students or more.

Baltimore County colleges include Towson University in Towson, Stevenson University in Stevenson, MD, University of Baltimore, Baltimore County in the Catonsville area, plus in the city there are Johns Hopkins University, Loyola College, Morgan State, and University of Baltimore, just to name a few.

The Baltimore Business Journal reported these findings, sharing that

Cities were evaluated on academic environment, quality of life, cost of living, arts and leisure activities, and professional opportunities.

Baltimore has many things to offer, including activities, public transportation, multiple routes in & out of the city & county, plus a large airport and train station for travel.

Baltimore housing affordability is high as well, making it even more attractive.

Towson University is located in a suburban area called Towson, with a large mall, many restaurants and shopping areas around, plus condos, townhouses, apartments, and the like, all nearby the campus. Through this economic downturn, Towson house values have remained fairly steady throughout, helping the Baltimore real estate market.

These are all things that factor into Baltimore being a popular college destination!

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