The Baltimore home demand index is a report put out by T3/Bright MLS, our Baltimore multiple listing service.

The Baltimore home demand index for August 2021 was 124, which is moderate, a big drop from June and July. The Baltimore home demand index July 2021 was high at 145.

Here is the link to the Baltimore home demand August 2021 report.

The report shows a “softening” of the market slightly since April, and July was the biggest drop by far. We generally have a softening in July and August due to summer breaks, vacations and the like, so I will be curious to see how things go in September.

More expensive condos and higher priced single family homes continued to be in the most demand, according to the report.

For single family homes under $250,000, the market was “limited” at 58 (below the slow market of 70 in July,) $250-590,000 was high at 132 (down 30 points from July,) and above $590,000 was very high at 225 (High is 130 and above, though this was a drop from the high of 270 in July.)

Condos below $310,000 were in the moderate range at 115, down from 129 last month. Condos above $310,000 were very high at 224, but again down from the high of 286 in July.

Townhouses have only one category – any/all townhouses in the Baltimore area, and that was high at 130, down from the high of 151 last month.

This is a very interesting report and a newer one to me. I look forward to following it to see what it shows for September and October.

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