The Baltimore home demand index for February 2023 was 77, a gain of 15 points to the “slow” category from the Baltimore home demand index for January 2023 that was “limited” at 62. (Note that the index is one month behind, meaning the data for the February 2023 report is from January 2023.)

The Baltimore home demand index is a report created and released by T3/Bright MLS, our Baltimore multiple listing service.

Beginning this month, the categories and price ranges have adjusted, so I removed comparisons from the old numbers.

Here is the link to the Baltimore home demand February 2023 report.

Please note that this is a multi-area of Maryland overview. It includes Anne Arundel, Baltimore City, Baltimore, Carroll, Harford, and Howard counties. Your Baltimore neighborhood’s value may see different scenarios than this generalized report.

For this month’s report, higher priced single family homes and condos above $375,000 continued to be in higher demand than other types of homes in the Baltimore real estate market.

For single family homes under $330,000, the market was “limited” at 69, $330-750,000 was “Slow” at 71, and above $750,000 was “Slow” at 71.

Condos below $375,000 were in the “Slow” range at 82. Condos above $375,000 were in the “Steady” range at 101.

Townhouses have only one category – any/all townhouses in the Baltimore area, and that stayed in the “Slow” range at 87, a jump from 72 last month.

We are definitely feeling and seeing a shift in the Baltimore real estate market!

Here is the Baltimore Home Demand Index January 2023 so you can see the change month-over-month.

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