Baltimore home sales were up 35% in April over March’s sales as well as over April 2009 sales.

This a telling sign that buyers were looking to take advantage of the ending homebuyer tax credit, as well as hopefully previewing that the economy is beginning a recovery.

The Baltimore Business Journal reported this on information from MRIS, our local multiple listing service.

2,205 homes went under contract in April, while 1,800 happened in March. Last April at the same time only 1,632 homes sold.

I did notice a large number of homes going under contract, but I also have noticed that the first half of May has been very busy as well. I had three homes go under contract in April, and only one was eligible for the tax credit, so that was not a driving force for my set of clients.

Though I agree that it was a nice benefit for those who qualified, I think a really big drive is the combination of low housing prices AND low interest rates, which has rarely happened throughout history.

Baltimore house prices are very low and buyers really can take advantage of this market along with the affordable interest rates!