Baltimore house values are still struggling compared to much of the rest of the US in July 2010.

Finally, Baltimore homes are seeing an increase in value, with the first quarter of the year up 2.9% over 2009. The rest of the country, on average, saw an increase of 7.9%. The rough news is that values in July 2010 were down 2.7% in Baltimore, while the US saw an 11.1% increase.

The increase over the first quarter is very encouraging, though, and should be the focus of the regaining Baltimore housing market.

The Baltimore Business Journal’s article quotes the senior statistician from Clear Capital, who put the report together, saying:

“Home prices continue to show positive growth from the first quarter of the year,” Villacorta said in the report. “This trend indicates that the initial upward momentum created by the tax credit expiration is being sustained.”

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