The Baltimore job market is getting better, according to headhunters in the Baltimore area.

The Baltimore Business Journal reported that Maryland added 36,000 jobs in March, which is a great number. What that number doesn’t state, but the headhunters do, is that many of those jobs are temporary or not “permanent hires”. This means that people looking for long term employment are still having a harder time finding jobs. It is those who will work temporary placements who are doing well in this economy.

The Baltimore housing market is definitely affected by this because without permanent employment, people cannot buy houses. Temporary employment means that these people need to be transient-available, and not looking at long term housing — even apartment-wise.

The good news is that these companies are planning to hire long term if they find these employees fit their needs and their growth continues, which they indicate they are doing. Once these jobs become more permanent, then hopefully we will see a similar upswing in the economy, and therefore Baltimore house values.