Baltimore was named Coolest City on the East Coast in an article by Travel + Leisure.

David Amsden wrote a long article lauding the many things Baltimore has to offer – many items that too often people are not aware.

The article is a beautiful tribute to Baltimore, and reading through his complimentary words, one has to find so much to love about our great city.

His journey takes him into Fell’s Point, up to Clipper Mill, Woodberry, Remington, Hampden, Station North, and into Hollins Market. He only touches on a few areas of the city, yet showcases the uniqueness and history that appears throughout.

This line from Amsden’s article really resonated with me on the real estate side of things:

“If gentrification is a bulldozer in other East Coast cities, it’s more of a push-reel mower in Baltimore, smoothing out rough patches without scrubbing the city of the grit that makes it appealing.”

I love Baltimore, and this article made me see it again through fresh eyes.

If you are considering moving to Baltimore, please contact me. I would love to help you live in Baltimore!