Baltimore has a new world record for the largest human smiley face to kick off the city’s summer campaign: “Find Your Happy Place in Baltimore”.

On May 13, 2010, outside the Maryland Science Center, 261 people gathered in orange and black ponchos to create the big smiley face.

The World Records Academy reported on the new world record, giving Baltimore props for its’ Happy Place campaign.

The goal is to show how happy you can be when you visit Baltimore and to garner more tourism for the great city.

Tom Noonan, the President and CEO of Visit Baltimore stated that:

“Baltimore makes us happy everyday, and we think the world’s largest smiley face is the perfect symbol to kick off our summer travel season,”

“No matter what makes you smile, we encourage travelers from all over the country to come and find their happy place in Baltimore this summer.”

Baltimore is also a wonderful place to live for many of its’ residents.

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