The old Chestnut Ridge Country Club development site will be zoned RC7 instead of the RC5 it had been prior to the Baltimore County Council’s decision to change it yesterday.

The previous zoning of RC5 would have allowed for up to 155 homes to be built on the 232 acre site, a concern for those who currently live in the Falls Road Corridor.

RC7 zoning is designed to preserve and protect an area, including streams, a limit on house footprint (5,000 sq ft including garage,) and a maximum density of 0.04 lot per acre of gross tract area (which is an average of one lot per 25 acres).

See the Baltimore County Zoning Code here for more information and details on RC7 zoning. This significantly reduces the amount of homes that would have been able to be built before!

Thank you to the Timonium Patch for their reporting on the Baltimore County Council’s decision.

For more information on homes in the Falls Rd Corridor, please contact me. I would love to help!