How to choose a home improvement contractor in Baltimore comes from an article on HGTV about choosing someone to remodel your home.

Though HGTV often shows unrealistic “reality” shows, picking a contractor to do renovations on your home is a good topic to broach.


  1. Ask your friends and neighbors. Who do they know? Who do they recommend? If someone has recently had a lot of work done on their home (especially if the work is similar to what you want to do,) were they happy with their contractor? Why or why not?
  2. Check their license before you call. Seriously. Check to make sure they have the appropriate license(s) for the jobs you want them to do. For a regular contractor in Maryland, you can check the MHIC Home Improvement Commission license search website. Plumbers have a different license, electricians do as well.
  3. Narrow it down, and set up in-person meetings. Interview the contractors in person and have them see the projects you want them to do.
  4. Check their references. Ask for examples of the work they have done before. Ask for names and numbers of the people they give you – so you can call and make sure those past clients are still happy with the job they did.
  5. Review the contract. Find out what stipulations the contract has, and what yours (and their) responsibilities and liabilities are.

See more details of the recommendations from HGTV.

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