For years I remember hearing the Famous-in-Baltimore yell, “If you want it fancy, get it from Clancy!”

"Who's ready?"

You always knew to look for Clancy, the Budweiser vendor opening a can of beer in a fun way, pouring it over his back into the plastic cup for the enjoyment of its’ buyer.

In the past ten years, those cans have gone away, replaced by plastic bottles with screw off caps, so it no longer can be gotten “fancy”. But Clancy is still there, working hard, making his way up & down a lot of stairs many times.

His more recent pitch is “Who’s Ready?” and many times has a number of hands quickly waving in the air — it could be the Bud, but I think it is more the seller — why get it from anyone else?

Clancy literally runs up & down these steps through the 7th inning!

I have to imagine he is the top seller of beer, and gets the “best” sections, because he knows the crowd, remembers people & orders, and works so hard.

He literally lugs cases of beer while sprinting up & down the flights of stairs to deliver refreshments to the masses.

His work ethic is incredible, as he appears to always be there. He hustles both literally and figuratively, and is a true unrecognized star in the Orioles organization.

So next time you are at Camden Yards in Baltimore, make sure to seek out Clancy and watch him work his magic!