The E-Waste Recycling drop off event is happening at Towson University on Good Friday, March 29, 2013.

Time: 10am-3pm

Where: Towson University, Lot 11, entrance on Osler Dr. behind Union Parking Garage

What: Towson residents (the entire Towson community) is invited to drop off electronic waste for recycling. What is electronic waste? Old computers, printers, monitors, keyboards, scanners, TVs, DVD players, microwaves, speakers, audio systems, batteries, and more.

Please note that the drop-off is for personal e-waste only, and they will not accept refrigerators of any size.

Here is a more detailed list as to what you can drop off for recycling, per the Towson University site:

Computers and Peripherals
· Computers
· Monitors (CRT & LCD)
· Laptops
· Printers
· Scanners
· Mouse
· Keyboards

Cd Drive
· DVD Drives
· Floppy drives
· Motherboards
· Processors
· Hard Disks
· External Hard Drives
· Portable Hard Drives
· Graphics Cards
· Sound Cards
· LAN Cards
· WebCams
· Flash Drives

Household electronics
· TVs
· Stereos
· DVD players
· VCRs
· Microwaves
· Blu-Ray Writers
· Speakers
· Audio Systems
· Bluetooth Dongles
· TV Tuner Cards
· Head Phones
· Multi-Card Readers
· Transformers
· Batteries

· Ballasts
· Starters
· Electric Motors
· FingerPrint Readers
· Power Supplies
· Wires

So dispose of your electronic waste the right way, and let Towson University recycle it for you!