Facebook finally released an app for the iPad in the App store — and so far I really enjoy it!

It is set up in a similar fashion to the twitter for iPad app, which I enjoy more than the regular website. It makes conversations easier to follow!

One thing I really like is the availability to “like” comments on posts, not just the posts themselves, like on the iPhone app.

One thing I *don’t* like is that so far I haven’t been able to tag people in posts to reply back to them. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing, since this is one of the big things I love about facebook in general.

I just tested chat, and that works. It looks like a text message conversation on an iPhone rather than chat — you don’t see real time when people are typing. You have to check your chat area up in the left hand corner for responses, from what I can tell.

It is great for real estate agents who have iPads to be able to use them more effectively to communicate with clients, family, and friends.

Have you tried it? Are there issues you have trouble with? What modifications do you think we will see rather quickly?