All over Twitter and, of course, Facebook,  is the tweeting of “25 Things” or “25 Random Things About Me”…there are a few variations. Even the New York Times has written an article about it — and how it yields 35,700 pages of results when Googled .

What is the draw? Why the obsession? The interest?

There are many theories out there, as you follow the discussion on Twitter and on blogs.

I’ll tell you why it resonates with me, and would be interested to hear why it does with you.

I learned SO MUCH about people that I have known for years (or even haven’t known for very long) that taught me more about why I like them. Why we may mesh well as friends.

It made me realize that I miss a few more than I ever imagined, and actually had a PHONE conversation (gasp!) with one yesterday — and we hadn’t spoken in 20 years before that. Know what? Our conversation was easy and picked up like no time had passed. Because we still knew each others’ hearts and minds, and didn’t need to do the “catch up”.

I was sad to discover one of my high school friends has had a rough life, and want to do anything I can to help. She has Grave’s Disease, had her thyroid removed, yet continues to have a bright spirit!

Another’s Mom died, and I know how close she was to her. She also wrote of her most romantic date, a double date we were on about 17 years ago that I had completely forgotten (and didn’t know how romantic her half was! Mine — well, not-so-much). I was touched that something we did has stayed with her this long, and reminded me of how good our friendship used to be. I can’t wait to visit her in NY and she has already expressed how she wants to see my Dad when he is at Sloan-Kettering for his cancer surgery.

A newer friend (met through our sons) has the same allergies & such (if not more than I do) — so we can keep each other (& our boys) away from allergens & situations and still have an enjoyable time.

I learned that you can’t flush T-paper in Greece, which has made my decision never to vacation there .

Another wants to buy a house. Not in Timonium or Towson, but I can refer her to a GREAT agent where she will be taken care of just like I would do for her. Which, of course, helps *my* bottom line as well, while helping her!

And from the comments after the 25 Things, I have learned that people really DO read them, DO care, DO remember, and DO want you to post them.

SO, in the infamous brilliant marketing words of Nike, JUST DO IT.

(And tag me so I can read it!) 🙂