We “fall back” this weekend, at 2am Sunday, November 6, 2011, ending Daylight Saving Time, and returning to Standard Time.

It is the perfect day for an “extra” hour of sleep, since our Baltimore Ravens take on the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday night in PA. This way hopefully our team will be rested, as will we so we can stay up to watch & cheer them on!

A good idea every time you change your clocks forward or back, is to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. Though many newer homes are hardwired, and do not require the batteries to operate, older Towson homes are not, and need to be adjusted. Don’t wait until your smoke detectors start chirping — keep your family safe & change the batteries now! (Usually they take 9V batteries, which can be bought most anywhere!)

So I hope you are able to enjoy your extra hour of sleep. Of course, with a five year old, we probably won’t actually get an extra hour, we’ll just be up at 6 instead of 7… 🙂