Fall Home Maintenance is important to get your house ready for Winter. Seasonal maintenance can keep your home in good shape throughout the year.

Thank you to Home Advisor for this beginning of a list, plus additional tips I’ve found and expound upon!

  1. Inspect your roof and have any needed repairs made. Are there missing shingles? Soft spots? Discoloration in areas? Call a roofer to have them come out to make any repairs.
  2. Seal Flashing along chimneys and vents. Caulk around windows, any other open areas. Keep the outside out and the inside in!
  3. Clean Your Gutters. Leaves have begun to fall, and they will clog your gutters! Make sure your gutters are free of debris after the leaves have fallen. If they are clogged, and we have snow & ice, ice dams can happen – and can make water run into your house!
  4. Have your furnace inspected. Call a professional to come out and make sure your furnace/heating system is working at its’ most efficient. The last thing you want is no heat in the middle of winter!
  5. If you have oil heat – get the oil filled! (See above about no heat. Brrrr!)
  6. Have your fireplace and chimney cleaned and inspected. If you plan to use your fireplace, make sure to have it inspected and cleaned. A licensed chimney sweep can make sure it is in working order – and keep you and your family safe.
  7. Turn off outside water spigots. This way, when winter rolls around, if we have a really cold winter, you don’t have the risk of that pipe freezing or bursting! If you don’t have a way to turn off the spigot from inside, consider a spigot cover in order to winterize your hose bib!

If you need recommendations for licensed professionals to do any of the above work, please contact me and I would be happy to give you referrals.

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