The loan limits for FHA are at a decent amount, thanks to Congress voting to reinstate the loan limits that had been in place before, but had lapsed.

FHA loan limits via

Currently, the limit for an FHA mortgage in Baltimore County is $560,000. That was due to drop down to $494,500, which could have really hurt Towson house values, since there are many in the $500-$550,000 price range!

The reason this could hurt Towson house values, is that a buyer would have to get more of a downpayment (it could be 20% or more!), and get what is called a JUMBO loan, which generally has higher interest rates than standard Conventional or FHA loans. The loan limit for standard Conventional loans is $417,000, a large drop from the FHA limit.

There are many buyers who do not have 20% to put down on a house, in order to qualify for a Jumbo loan, which would leave them most likely unable to buy a house above either the FHA loan limit, or the lower Conventional loan limit.

I wrote about the potential issue of a Baltimore FHA loan limit drop in June, and used this possible example:

Today, you meet with a REALTOR(R), and after meeting, you determine that your house is worth around $525,000. A qualified buyer using FHA secured financing can currently buy your home.

As of October 1, 2011, that same buyer would not be able to buy your house. What do you think would happen? Might their best & highest offer be $494,500, then, since they need FHA secured financing?

These extended limits are not forever, so make sure you know what the limits are when you list your home.

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