This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you can enjoy living in Towson near Ruxton if you want to try some great food at Graul’s in Ruxton or be happy you live in Timonium near the Graul’s in Mays Chapel.

Friday from 4-7 enjoy yummy appetizers that are easy to make! Saturday and Sunday, try some “Over the Top” Holiday Favorites from 11-5.


Graul's Holiday Tasting Events E-mail Flyer

As the email they sent says, “Bring your family to join our family for a Taste of the Holiday Season”!

Graul’s continues to be a great cornerstone for both the Ruxton and Mays Chapel communities, offering good food both local and imported, and wine shops attached to complement your meals.

I love living near the Graul’s in Ruxton for both the convenience and these neat events they hold. We are there on a regular basis — and the staff really does make you feel like family!

So join their family this weekend and enjoy some delicious food while you are there. Another great reason to live in Towson or live in Mays Chapel!