HGTV vs Reality – Buzzfeed breaks it down.

I wrote a post in 2014 about a “syndrome” called the “HGTV Syndrome,” which luckily isn’t a real illness or disease, but rather a poke at how HGTV has given buyers an unrealistic view of house hunting and buying a house.

Buzzfeed takes on another fun angle — 19 things that mean something else in real life than they do on HGTV shows.

And boy, did this make me, as well as many others who watch these shows, laugh.

Here goes:

  1. Granite. In real life, granite is a stone that is used in kitchen renovations, or newer homes. HGTV? Buzzfeed jokes that it may be a magical stone that brings healing. LOL
  2. Open Floor Plan. In Baltimore real estate, that translates into a very open first floor. Often, you can see from the entry hallway to the kitchen, if it is in the back of the house. HGTV? A necessity. Walls are apparently a no-no.
  3. Crown Molding. In real life, this is a design feature/upgrade that brings an extra level of oomph to a room. HGTV? According to Buzzfeed, it apparently makes you royalty?
  4. Space to Entertain. Real life — an area where you can have people over and not feel crowded. HGTV? 1,000 square foot area that you will use once every few years.
  5. Budget. Real life — this is what you are comfortable spending in order to continue living your life. HGTV? Doesn’t seem to actually have any bearing on what they are looking at or doing or buying.
  6. Fixer-upper. Real-Life — Usually it is a home that needs renovations to make it livable. HGTV? Not just unlivable, horrible. Or, as Buzzfeed says…doesn’t have Granite.
  7. Wish List. Real Life — What you would like to have, to make you happy in a new house. HGTV — apparently not possible to check off, and doesn’t match your partner’s.
  8. Paint Color. Real Life — A color used on a wall. HGTV — something that people don’t understand is possible to be changed.
  9. View. Real Life — What you see when you look out your windows. HGTV — Apparently miles of open expanse, and no neighbors in sight.
  10. Neighborhood. Real Life — The area that surrounds your house — often your street and sometimes a few streets nearby. HGTV — according to Buzzfeed, a place you can’t leave without your soul withering up.
  11. Commute. Real Life — The trip to work. HGTV — Horrible and must be minimized at all costs.
  12. Carpet. Real Life — A floor covering. HGTV — Apparently that floor covering is actual garbage.
  13. Move-in Ready. Real Life — A home that you can move into without renovations. HGTV — A home with granite, hardwood floors, perfect paint colors.
  14. Charm. Real Life — Something that makes you feel good, cozy. HGTV — Something that says it is old, but is only OK if it has stainless appliances and Granite.
  15. Style. Real Life — A type of architecture or decor in a house. HGTV — That architecture that is common in other areas than the area where you are looking/living.
  16. Walk-in Closet. Real Life — A closet that you can physically walk into. HGTV? A closet that is big enough to be a bedroom.
  17. Outdoor Space/Area. Real Life — Space outside the house. HGTV — The area where apparently most people on the shows expect to spend the majority of their lives.
  18. Man Cave. Real Life — Well, this has, thanks to HGTV, become a thing. This is an area of the house, often a part of the basement in our area, where a guy can have his personal things. HGTV — Same — but people look for this space specifically.
  19. Decision Time. Real Life — The time you take to make a decision. HGTV — The really short period of time you make a life changing decision while walking along a path or sitting next to each other at a booth in a restaurant.

This was an enjoyable list to read and write my own take on the items.

What else would you add? Do you watch HGTV shows? What makes you laugh?