Home Design Trends change yearly, and each year, designers help forecast what will be in -and out- in the coming year.

Here are the projected home design trends for 2019 from Elle Decor:


  1. Floral patterns in both wallpaper and fabrics (What is it replacing? Geometric patterns like trellis)
  2. Rich jewel tones like dark and bright greens, blues and teals. (Out? Neutral grays)
  3. Patterned backsplashes in the kitchen
  4. Handmade, sustainable decor (Out? Dyed fabric materials)
  5. Boho decor
  6. Mixed metal accents
  7. Black bathrooms (!!)
  8. Light wood floors
  9. Bright trims, fringes
  10. Dark countertops
  11. Mostly white walls with hints of color

Please note, that these are projected home designs from interior designers for this year. Understand just how much they feel is out from 2018. Rose Gold, dyed fabrics, geometric patters – all gone, in less than a year.

Decorating your home should be personal, and if you are doing it for yourself, do what you want!

I would be cautious with changing things like tile work in bathrooms. Black may be popular in 2019, but could it be out by 2020? That is an expensive change that could be costly to redo if you decide you don’t like it – or if it is “out” quickly. Think of mid-century homes with the mint-green, pink, or yellow tile. Many Towson homebuyers would want that tile work redone, and it could reflect in any offer made on your home when you go to sell it.

Wallpaper is another item that can be expensive to remove, so take that into consideration if planning to add that to your decor.

This also goes for countertops in kitchens.

Paint is usually fairly easy to change, as are fabrics for couches, beds, area rugs and more. These are ways to join in the trends for 2019 without an expensive commitment to the currently popular styles.

For more information on how design trends can affect your Towson house value, please contact me. I’d be pleased to be of service.