Home trends come and go, and each year there are trends that tend to be more popular than others.

In 2021, the trends we saw were focused on staying home, space utilization, and more time outside than in past years.

Thank you to Realtor Magazine for their compilation. Here are a some of the trends I am hearing about and seeing in the Baltimore real estate market:

  1. Vintage Furniture. Often, this furniture can be restored or refinished to give it new life. I have seen multiple past clients showcase their “new old” furniture that they have redone!
  2. Plants. Lots of greenery! I have also seen a number of past clients who now have their own fruit and vegetable gardens in their yards too!
  3. No Heavy Curtains. Clean, bright lines, lots of bright, natural light.
  4. Pet-Based Designs. Since so many of us were home more during the height of the pandemic, we were home with our pets. This has created a desire for more benefits for our pets, like pet-baths, built-in water or food bowls, and custom beds, especially since many no longer work from home full time.
  5. Creative Storage Kitchen Systems. With the more time many of us spent at home, many of us also cooked more. Finding better solutions for storage of pots, pans, and other kitchen needs became important, so adding things to a kitchen to make it more accessible and better utilization of space is a big plus.
  6. LVP – Laminate Vinyl Plank Flooring. Luxury Vinyl Plank floors are popping up more and more. An alternative to hardwoods, LVPs tend to be more durable for pets, kids, water and the like, yet look quite lovely and fresh.

Are there trends you are looking for in a new Baltimore home in 2022?

Are you considering moving into a new Towson home in 2022 or 2023?

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