A number of years ago, I got my first iPhone. Before then I had a Palm Treo, for its’ multipurpose useage.

My iPhone has many facets that help me better serve my clients in my business.

Photo not taken with an iPhone

First, it has internet access, so I can check emails, look up houses, and enter information as needed. I can download documents from emails and review them before I can get to a computer.

Second, it has text messaging. With the exception of being in a class, on an airplane, or with a client, I often respond very quickly to text messages. It is a quick and efficient way to communicate!

Third, it can make & receive phone calls. I say that somewhat in jest because I have the AT&T version, and there are areas where my phone doesn’t ring even if it is right next to me. (Sometimes even in my own Timonium real estate office…)

Fourth is the high resolution camera, which I have even used to take photos of my listings.

Fifth is the built-in video camera, which I have used to take video of a house to share with an out-of-town client!

I use the calculator app on a regular basis, and my calendar is accessed through my phone too. I tweet, I check in on foursquare, and take notes on the iNote application and save it to Evernote.

The multiple-functionality facets of the phone make it an easy to use tool to help remain in contact and get fast answers for my clients!

The iPhone is just one of the many technology tools I utilize in helping my sellers and buyers achieve their dreams!

If you’d like a tech savvy real estate agent, contact me. I’m your person!