Hunt Valley Farmers Market has opened and Kooper’s Wagon and IcedGems Cupcakes truck were there to celebrate.

A few of my online friends planned a “tweetup” to enjoy some burgers and sweet treats!

It was a hot day so we sat in the shade.

The kids ran around and had fun!

This day was a sneak peek before it officially opened in June. The Farmers Market showcases local wares like beef from local farms, as well as goodies from small shops and food from the area.

We have had our Kooper’s Burger Wagon burgers before, but this was our first taste of IcedGems Cupcakes. We will be back! We split a half dozen, and they are fantastic, delicious bites of heaven!

Two kids enjoyed the birthday cake flavor, and agreed that it tasted just like the real, yummy thing. Another had the PB&J, which has jelly in the middle and peanut butter icing. Another thumbs up. I was disappointed that the one I had been drooling over, the margarita one, wasn’t on “tap” for the day, but ended up with the “Key West”, which is a key lime pie in a cupcake. It was fantastic! I also had a mocha coffee, which was delicious as well. Next time, I am hoping for the “Midnight Mint” or the margarita.

Iced Gems travels daily, but plans to be at the Hunt Valley Farmers Market on a regular basis.

The Hunt Valley Farmers Market is Thursdays from 11 am – 2 pm June through October.