Kitchen design trends change over time, and each year there are trends that tend to be more popular than others.

Here are five kitchen design trends that professionals expect to see more of in 2024 per Houzz:

  1. Longer Islands. Homeowners described the use of islands for entertaining after a kitchen renovation, with 7′ long islands more popular than 6′ ones.
  2. White Cabinets. White cabinets are still reported as being most popular, but homeowners report liking island cabinets that are a different color than main cabinets.
  3. High Tech Appliances. Most replaced all appliances, not just some, and they reported looking for high-tech appliances with wi-fi and smartphone controls.
  4. High Backsplashes. After last year’s importance of “backless stovetops,” most backsplashes came up high and extended up to the cabinets or the range hood.
  5. Long Term Plans. Functional elements for longevity included pullout cabinet drawers, more lighting, nonslip floors plus rounded countertop edges.

Thank you to Houzz for their Kitchen Trends Study report 2024, based on a survey of 3,437 US homeowners.

Are there trends you are looking for in a new Baltimore home in 2024?

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